AI Strategy Associate

The MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab is a collaborative academic-industry partnership focused on advancing fundamental AI research. With 50 active projects in our portfolio – each jointly executed by MIT faculty and IBM Research scientists – we publish in the top AI conferences and work with member companies to bridge our scientific work to real-world impact. See the video replay of our What’s Next in AI virtual conference for examples of our work with scientists and member companies.

Driving AI innovation for business impact

The MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab is a $240 million partnership between MIT and IBM Research dedicated to pushing the frontiers of artificial intelligence and translating breakthroughs into real-world impact through our corporate membership program.

The Engagement Management team runs the lab’s corporate membership program, triangulating between our clients, our scientists, and our Advanced Prototyping Team to drive business innovation in AI.

As an AI Strategy Associate, you will work closely with the Engagement Manager in developing client-ready presentations, guiding prototype development with “voice of the customer” insights, and creating a first-in-class client experience by maintaining research deliverables on our client portal website. Additionally, as you gain experience working with our clients, the expectation is that you will take on more ownership of the relationship and client deliverables.


  • Work with the Client Engagement Team, including Engagement Manager, Membership Program Lead, and Advanced Prototyping Team to develop client deliverables and drive innovation
  • Support the Engagement Manager in running the operations of the client program
  • Interface with leading AI scientists from MIT and IBM Research to harness the power of their work for business applications

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Demonstrated knowledge in computer science, data science, and business
  • Proven professional etiquette and relationship development sensibilities
  • Demonstrated teamwork qualities
  • 2+ years consulting experience with a focus on data science

About IBM Research and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

This position is for the IBM Research side of the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. IBM Research is a community of over 3,000 people across 19 locations on six continents. We are the organic growth engine of IBM, grounded in the scientific method as we pioneer what’s next on the horizon for IBM and for the world.

The MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab is an academic-industry partnership focused on advancing fundamental AI research for real-world impact in business and society. We fund 50 active projects per year, each jointly executed by MIT faculty and IBM Research scientists publishing in the top peer-reviewed venues. We then work with IBM business units and member companies to bridge this scientific work to transformative domain applications.