Jeehwan Kim

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering


Jeehwan Kim is an associate professor in MIT’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering. His research focuses on innovation in nanotechnology for electronic, photonic, and energy applications. His group is currently developing a single-crystalline-based memristors for neuromorphic computing and graphene-based layer transfer technology which substantially reduces the cost of expensive wafers. The group’s focus is on developing hardware for efficient neuromorphic computing and fabricating high-performance devices with low manufacturing cost based on this graphene-based layer transfer technique. Based on their expertise in the materials innovation, Kim’s group develops large scale neuromorphic computing arrays and extremely flexible inorganic electronic/photonic devices. Kim earned a BS from Hongik University, an MS from Seoul National University, and a PhD from University of California, Los Angeles, all in materials science and engineering.