Jessie Rosenberg

Research Staff Member & Science Program Manager

Jessie Rosenberg is an AI researcher with a background in optical and semiconductor physics. She received her PhD from Caltech in Applied Physics in 2010, where she studied the interactions between light and mechanical motion in nanoscale resonators. From there she joined IBM Watson Research Center, developing a CMOS technology platform combining optics and electronics on a single chip to enable scalable high bandwidth and low cost optical systems for datacenter interconnects and beyond. In 2017 she became the manager of the silicon photonics group, continuing manufacturing qualification of the monolithic silicon photonics technology as well as pursuing low cost integrated photonic sensors, holographic displays based on phase change materials, and quantum microwave-optical transduction for networking of quantum computers and blind quantum computing. In 2019, with the successful transfer of the commercial silicon photonics technology to GlobalFoundries, she transferred to IBM Research Cambridge, where she is researching core AI algorithms, intuitive physics models, and quantum inspired AI.

Areas of interest

  • intuitive physics,
  • quantum inspired AI,
  • variational inference

Skills (tech)

  • semiconductor physics
  • optical communications
  • quantum physics

Skills (human)

  • west coast swing dancing
  • pie baking
  • yoga