Ramis Movassagh

Research Staff Member


Quantum Computing

I am a mathematical physicist. My current research is focused on quantum computation, complexity, and information theory. I also research the generic aspects of quantum matter, which convolves random matrix theory and free probability theory with quantum many-body systems. Every once in a while I foray into classical physics, chemistry, and engineering.

I am a permanent Research Staff Member in quantum theory and algorithms group (IBMQ) based at Yorktown Heights, NY. I work at the MIT-IBM AI Research lab in Cambridge MA, USA. From 2015-2017, I was the Herman Goldstine Fellow in mathematics at IBM Yorktown Heights. In 2012-2015 I held postdoctoral positions at MIT, Northeastern University, and University of Chicago (with Leo P. Kadanoff).

I finished my Ph.D. in Mathematics at MIT in 2012 under the supervision of Peter W. Shor. At MIT I collaborated with Steven G. Johnson, Alan Edelman, Jeffrey Goldstone and Gil Strang. From 2005-2007 I was a research fellow (a “pre-doc”) at ETH-Zürich, where I worked on neuroscience and mathematical physics with Reinhard Nesper and Jürg Fröhlich respectively. I received my B.Sc. in 2004 in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University, where I first started interacting with Roald Hoffmann.