MIT Postdoc Position – MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

The MIT-IBM Watson AI lab is seeking outstanding early career researchers for an MIT postdoc position to conduct cutting edge research under a collaboration between IBM Research and MIT.

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MIT. Cambridge, MA


Principal Investigators
Anantha Chandrakasan (MIT) and Xin Zhang (IBM).

Your Role and Responsibilities

The project is focusing on interdisciplinary research related to circuit design in sub-10-nm advanced technologies and machine learning algorithms which can assist circuit design and technology migration. The job responsibilities include developing new AI and machine learning techniques (such as foundation models, large language models, and reinforcement learning), conducting experiments, developing solutions to real-world problems, and publishing papers in top-quality conferences.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise:

  • Background in computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, or related fields.
  • Basic understanding of semiconductor technologies, analog/digital circuit design, EDA.
  • Strong programming skills (Python or equivalent), experience with machine learning tools and frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch etc.).
  • Experience with developing, training, and testing deep neural networks.
  • A track record of clearly and effectively communicating research ideas via publications and presentations at top-tier conferences (DAC, ISSCC, ICCAD, NeurIPS, ICLR, ICML, etc.).

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise:

  • Experience in conducting analog circuit design, EDA tasks in modern technologies.
  • Experience with large language models or multi-modal foundation models.
  • Advanced skill level in solving analytical problems using rigorous and quantitative approaches.

Submit your CV

Send your CV to Xin Zhang ( with the subject line: MIT Postdoc Position – MIT IBM Watson AI Lab. Cover letter optional.