Who we are

We come from countries around the world to form a community of humans focused on the responsible development of AI. At MIT and IBM Research, we share a “mind and hand” commitment to the scientific method grounded in the practical pursuit of solving the world’s biggest problems.

AI Safety

Nathan Fulton

AI for Good

Kalyan Veeramachaneni

Active Learning

Nghia Hoang

Automated Planning

Michael Katz Masataro Asai

Big Data

Guy Bresler

Computational Materials Science

Giuseppe Romano Raul Radovitzky Elsa Olivetti


Hendrik Strobelt

Fluid Dynamics

Lydia Bourouiba

Generative Models

Phillip Isola Jessie Rosenberg

Graph Deep Learning

Mark Weber

High Performance Computing

Steven Johnson

Human-Centered AI

Lucy Yip Dakuo Wang

Human-Computer Interaction

Arvind Satyanarayan Julie Shah

Knowledge Representation

Veronika Thost

Multi-agent Systems

Asu Ozdaglar

Multimodal Learning

Youssef Mroueh

Natural Language Processing

Yujia Bao Boris Katz James Glass


James DiCarlo

Quantum Computing

Moe Win Isaac Chuang Aram Harrow

Reinforcement Learning

Pulkit Agrawal

Transfer Learning

Prasanna Sattigeri