Aram Harrow

Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Aram Harrow is an associate professor in MIT’s Department of Physics. His research focuses on quantum information and computing, and connecting the capabilities of quantum computers and communication devices to theoretical physics, mathematics, and computer science. Recently, Harrow has been investigating properties of entanglement, like approximate “superselection” and “monogamy” principles. His goal is to better understand not only entanglement and its uses, but also the related areas of quantum communication, many-body physics, and even convex optimization.

Before coming to MIT, Harrow was a lecturer in math and computer science at the University of Bristol, and a research assistant professor at the University of Washington. He has received the American Physical Society’s Outstanding Referee Award, an NSF Career Award, an IEEE Information Theory Society Best Paper Award, and an APS Quantum Computing Award. He earned a BS in math and physics, and a PhD in physics, from MIT.