Masataro Asai

Research Staff Member

Masataro Asai is a Research Staff Member at IBM Research Cambridge (MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab) after receiving a Ph.D from University of Tokyo in 2018 under Alex Fukunaga and working for IBM Research Tokyo during 2019. His main expertise is Classical Planning and Heuristic Graph Search, while his recent work focuses on the automatic identification of discrete symbolic entities that aids planning, i.e., symbol grounding, with the help of Deep Neural Networks.

His hobby is competitive driving, car modification, cycling, skiing and computer hacking in Lisp. He is the main author of NUMCL library, a Numpy clone written in Common Lisp that has 500> stars on github. He is generally active in the open source community under the handle @guicho271828 ( and is an active lisp hacker. Sadly, he mainly writes programs in Python or C++ for his research projects.