Wasserstein Style Transfer



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We propose Gaussian optimal transport for Image style transfer in an Encoder/Decoder framework. Optimal transport for Gaussian measures has closed forms Monge mappings from source to target distributions. Moreover interpolates between a content and a style image can be seen as geodesics in the Wasserstein Geometry. Using this insight, we show how to mix different target styles , using Wasserstein barycenter of Gaussian measures. Since Gaussians are closed under Wasserstein barycenter, this allows us a simple style transfer and style mixing and interpolation. Moreover we show how mixing different styles can be achieved using other geodesic metrics between gaussians such as the Fisher Rao metric, while the transport of the content to the new interpolate style is still performed with Gaussian OT maps. Our simple methodology allows to generate new stylized content interpolating between many artistic styles. The metric used in the interpolation results in different stylizations.

This paper has been published at AISTATS 2020

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