Bilge Yildiz

Breene M. Kerr (1951) Professor, Nuclear Science and Engineering; Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Bilge Yildiz is the Breene M. Kerr (1951) Professor in MIT’s departments of Nuclear Science and Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. She leads the Laboratory for Electrochemical Interfaces. Her research focuses on laying the scientific groundwork and proof-of-principle material systems for the next generation of high-efficiency devices for energy conversion and information processing, by combining in situ surface sensitive experiments with first-principles calculations and novel atomistic simulations. Her work has made significant con­tri­bu­tions to advancing the molecular-level understanding of oxygen exchange kinetics on solid surfaces, and of ion and electron transport, under electro-chemo-mechanical conditions. The scientific insights derived from her research guide the design of novel material chemistries for efficient and durable solid oxide fuel cells, thermo-/electro-chemical splitting of H2O and CO2, high energy density solid state batteries, red-ox based memristive information storage and processing, and corrosion resistant films. Before coming to MIT, Yildiz worked at Argonne National Laboratory. She earned a BS in nuclear energy from Hacettepe University, and a PhD in nuclear engineering from MIT.

Selected Publications